The refinancing process is similar to aquiring a mortgage except that it requires fewer steps.

Refinancing your mortgage can provide real benefits.   Here are two examples:

  • When Loan Interest rates decrease you may be able to significantly reduce your monthly mortage payments.
  • When property values increase you may be able to eliminate mortgage insurance and escrow payments or obtain additional cash by refinancing.

When to consider Refinancing:
  • A Change in your financial situation:  You may be able to match the terms of your mortgage financing more closely.
  • Significant Decrease in Interest Rates: If rates have dropped since your last mortgage, you may be able to lower costs, and/or increase your financial flexibility.
  • Rates have/are threatening to increase: If rates have increased, or you are worried they might and you have an adjustable rate mortgage, you may consider refinancing to lock-in a rate.
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